January 30; Managing Demand on your Outpatient Service; SBK, Manchester;

January 30; Commissioning Change Management; SBK, Machester;

January 30; Chronic Pain Management; SBK, Manchester;

February 1-2; BAPO Short Course Foot & Ankle Assessment; BAPO, Staffordshire, UK.

February 2-3; Advanced Musculoskeletal Training; APA, Canberra, Australia.

February 7-10; ACSM Team Physician Course; ACSM, Miami, Florida;

February 10; Advanced Musculoskeletal Training; APA, Chatswood, Australia.

February 10-14; 2013 Annual Scientific Conference; ACFAS, Las Vegas, Nevada;

February 11; Clinical Research Contracts; SBK, Birmingham;

February 12; Costing Clinical Research; SBK, Birmingham;

February 12; Demystifying Biomechanics. Algeos, Bracknell, UK.

February 13; Costing Clinical Research; SBK, London;

February 14; Dementia Care in the General Hospital; SBK, Birmingham;

February 16-18; 2013 CFPM Winter Getaway Seminar; CFPM, Mont Tremblant, Canada.

February 17-18; Advanced Musculoskeletal Training; APA, Chatswood, Australia.

February 20; AAPSM QLD Event; AAPSM, Toowong, QLD;

March 3-4; Advanced Musculoskeletal Training; APA, Chatswood, Australia.

March 12; Costing Clinical Research; SBK, Edinburgh;

March 12-15; ACSM’s Health & Fitness Summit and Exposition; ACSM, Las Vegas, Nevada;

March 13; Funding for Non-Commercial Clinical Research; SBK, Birmingham;

March 13-15; Diabetes UK Professional Conference; Diabetes UK, Manchester;

March 19; Optimise your NHS Medical Devise Training; SBK, Birmingham;

March 19; Enhancing the Patient Experience; SBK, Birmingham;

March 20; Innovations in Patient Feedback; SBK, Birmingham;

March 22-23; Wounds in our World; AWMA, Bendigo, Victoria;

March 21-24; BAPO Conference 2013; BAPO, UK.

March 31-April 1; Advanced Musculoskeletal Training; APA, Chatswood, Australia.

April 26-27; 11th Staffordshire Conference on Clinical Biomechanics; Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent, UK.

April 27; Orthotic Conference 2013; Scottish Post Polio Network, Glasgow, UK.

May 12-13; Advanced Musculoskeletal Training; APA, Chatswood, Australia.

May 17-18; The ACSM World Heart Games; Decatur, Georgia;

May 19; Diabetic Foot and Lower Limb Care in the 21st Century; BAPO, King’s College Hospital, UK.

May 29 – June 1; ACSM Annual Meeting; ACSM, Indianapolis, Indiana;

June 2-5; Australasian Podiatry Conference 2013; ICE Australia, Sydney, Australia.

June 7-8; Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition; Institute of Podiatrists and Chiropodists, Southport, UK.

July 7-11; 31st Conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport ; ISB, Taipei, Taiwan.

August 28-30; ADS Annual Scientific Meeting; ADS, Sydney, NSW;

September 18-21; 2013 O&P World Congress; AOPA, Orlando, USA.

December 3-6; The Running Event; Formula4Media, Austing, Texas;


May 28-30; ACSM General Meeting; ACSM, Orlando, Florida;

April 2-5; ACSM Health & Fitness Summit; ACSM, Atlanta, Georgia;


March 31-April 3; ACSM Health & Fitness Summit; ACSM, Phoenix, Arixona;

May 27-30; ACSM General Meeting; ACSM, San Diego, California;


June 1-4; ACSM General Meeting; ACSM, Boston, Massachusetts;

More conference listing can be seen here:
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